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Welcome to AfterLife Servers
All servers are WIPED. Enjoy new Fresh start!

EN / PL / DE

if you think that your automatic ban by our server was given unjustifiably, write post on forum.
Register to see our Mumble or discord server to conect.

Additional NEW rules:
-Creating multi accounts on forum for fake votes will be punished by ban.
-If there is information about restart or shutdown, please leave server immediately, dont wait until server goes down or migrate your goods to other servers it will surely cause data loss. Lost items or characters by this way wont be rolleback. As it is mention in server information before shutdown.

Problems with language? go here!

Please all players to Vote on server where you play VOTE LINKS

Hello traveler, we are proud to invite You to a new ARK: Survival Evolved AfterLife Servers.

ARK AfterLife Cluster 1/3 status: ONLINE
Name: AfterLife [EU-PvP]X2/H2/T3[Cross 1/3] WIPE 12.01
Server migration: Characters, Dinos, Items - Available
Prevent Offline PvP = OFF
(Map: The Island)
The Island : : (WIPE time 12.01.2019)

ARK AfterLife Cluster 2/3 status: ONLINE
Name: AfterLife [EU-PvP]X2/H2/T3[Cross 2/3] WIPE 12.01
Server migration: Characters, Dinos, Items - Available
Prevent Offline PvP = OFF
(Map: Ragnarok)
Raganarok: : (WIPE time 12.01.2019)

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You have problem to finding our server on steam list?
No Worry! there is few ways to add it :

Important!: You must have Ragnarok, Aberration, The Center, Scorched Earth, Extinction DLC installed before atempting to join our servers.

Read here! how to add server to Steam Server List manualy

[New Cluster AfterLife]
The Island :

[Ragnarok PvE Only]
Raganrok PvE Server : OFFLINE

[Server Rates]

[Drop Rates]

12 Hour Restarts
Server will automatically restart roughly at 11:30, 23:30 (GMT-6) with notifications in advance.
This is a rough time estimate, the time your server restarts could be a few minutes after these times.

[About Afterlife Community]
Most of us have been playing some good years together and have visited immeasurable terrains of various types of mmo's

Our main goal is the progression of PVE, which does not mean that we do not like to go crazy in the environment contaminated by PVP.

We have many experienced players who are eager to help.

We have our own voice (Mumble Communication Server and Discord).

More information in News section.

Enjoy Your stay and have fun! - AfterLife Staff