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Remove turret limit ?

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#13945909 Jan 17, 2019 at 08:34 PM
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So i want to add this poll because i want to remove turret limit or add more turrets into the range or decrease the range because everyone can clearly see that desert titan is very strong against turret walls and basses on flat areas so my point is that u can actually have base that can survive suicide desert titan rush when u have base like with 100 heavies and 50 teks mix or something like that, before wipe i know that turret limit didnt exist on this server and i dont think it really affected something (lags or making base unraidable). And offline raiding is here too so more turrets mean more time to spend soaking and raiding the base giving deffenders larger amount of time to join and actually deff the base. So maybe if u can add 50 turrets to limit or decrease range by half or even remove limit completely
#13945934 Jan 17, 2019 at 09:32 PM
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I agree with every single one, every option is kinda positive for me as im not a big fan of turret limit.
But if its big problem for admins to increase turret limit or they have specific reason why they dont want to remove limit or cut range by half then we could atleast do a poll for offline raid protection?
Because there is no way u can deffend ur base with 100 turret cap when u are offline
that means rip ya hundreds hours of work just because u need to go to school work or u just need to sleep
Thats not very positive aspect of the game especially with new extinction titans that are incredibly unbalanced when fighting smaller tribes and im not even talking about offlining them
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