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[Pinned] Hello, we also have a Steam Group!

Welcome evryone and join to Steam AfterLife Server's Group to find more nice players :)
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Kruzio1247Small Kruzio 326d
General Discussion

Wersja Serwera

Witam wersja serwera nie została z apdejtowana. Wiem że serwer restartuje się co 12 godzin ale można prosić o wcześniejszy restart??
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Tapsus1120Member avatar small Tapsus 121d
General Discussion


Quite the time ago i got banned for a rule that doesnt exist anymore apparently so now im requesting an unban as i would like to Play on your Server again
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Fiercey4268Small Devlyn 124d
General Discussion

Turret Limit

So i want to add this poll because i want to remove turret limit or add more turrets into the range or decrease the range because everyone can clearly see that desert titan is very strong against turret walls and basses on flat areas so my point i...
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General Discussion

Brak Aberacji

Witam Admini . będzie aberracja i Spalona ziemia ?
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Masio2193Small Devlyn 131d
General Discussion

nie mogę wejść na serwer

zaktualizujecie teraz serwer nie mozna wbic po zaktualizowaniu gry
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General Discussion

Discord LINK

Hello there is it a DISCORD LINK TO JOIN
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General Discussion

Rules in general

Hello, i started yesterday on ur ark pvp servers,i read rules and some of them could be missunderstanded and everything will be asked from PvP player perspective so well lets begin 1) Rule number 6 what if i blow into someone´s small metal house l...
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General Discussion

rule 7 broken

i just randomly logged on, i found out that i was dead, my entire base was looted, and when i stepped out they we're purposly trying to kill all my dinos, who didnt even aggro on them unless they attack the dinos.. this happened at 03.07.18 betwee...
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General Discussion


Siemka ludzie jest taka sytuacja ze jak tu bedzie duzo pozytywnych komentarzy ze chcecie mape ragnarok to bedzie opcja wprowadzenia przez admina tej mapy i scrosowanie jej wiec zapraszam to glosowania / HELLO people is such a situation, as here wi...
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General Discussion

In-game issue

There's seems to be a problem with the multipliers regarding xp, gathering, breeding, etc.... on cross-server 1/4.. slows down the gameplay alot
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-Aleee-2216Small Devlyn 329d
General Discussion

Annoucements in game problem

There is on little problem to is no annouce in game to serwer restart in ... minuts on auto update restart or manual restart is not working
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Kruzio1506Small Kruzio 1y
General Discussion

Server Migration this weakend

Hello friends we decided to migrate to other hosting provider, and we nead to do this in this weakend before serwer will stop on this hosting, we will save all data to no lost stuctures dinos time in game :)we just nead to decide on whot hoster we...
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General Discussion

Classic Movies - Fantasy RPG 80s - Medieval - Classic Scfi - Zombie
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General Discussion

V-sync Enabled

If you want to turn on V-Sync in game go to Your steam directory:C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\Shooter­Game\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor - GameUserSettings.IniSearch For Vsync, Try Put =True to =False
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General Discussion


Hello dear AfterLife Ark Survivors! Im informing that i will be absent on 28 September - 1 November . Unfortunately I have an urgent business trip.I wish you happy hunting, playing, bulding and catching dinosaurs.Dev
Small Devlyn 1y
Devlyn1301Small Devlyn 1y
General Discussion

Personal ideas for the server, no hate, would love feedback.

Rates:0.25X exp3x tame8x gather5x breedingFixes/ changesRemove flyer nerfHigher healing on dinos2x points on following skills: weight, HP, fortitudeMod removal/ additionDubble ingrams - i belive u can change it manually so u dont need the modTamea...
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General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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