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Devlyn / Dec 20, 2018

Niebawem nastąpi zmiana adresów IP wyszystkich serwerów AfterLifeNowym adresem będzie: porty pozostają bez zmian

Devlyn / Dec 03, 2017

Proud to anounce im planing to release uniq pack of modifications called Evolution .All mod are created by AfterLife Staff members.The mods will be only available on our Server.The content of the modification is secret for now. Planing to release ...

Devlyn / Sep 14, 2017

[Leedsichthys Changes]Leedsichthys should be as dangerous as Kruzio dodos now.Added to Game.iniDinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Leedsichthys_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.001)*But still dont forget, if You meet Alpha one You better run!

Devlyn / Sep 12, 2017

Hello fellas i repleaced some disgusting DinosNormal Dino:Ichthyornis to VultureAlpha Dinos:AlphaIchthyornis to VultureOmega Dinos:MinionOmegaVelociraptor to ZombieDodoMinionOmegaCarno to ZombieDodoMinionOmegaRaptor to ZombieDodoMinionOmegaRex to ...