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PvP / PVE RP Afterlife Server Regulations:

PvP / PVE RP Afterlife Server Regulations:

Each player is required to comply with the rules.
Every break in the regulations will be punished.
Any action to the detriment of the server will be punished with a ban,
We think that it is harmful to:
- Deliberate failure triggering
- Using cheats
- Anti-advertising of the server
- Using known errors / codes

Any threats directed to other players regarding real life will be punished by ban.

Respect other players and administrators

Administrators are neutral - they will not be involved in PvP or PvP will respond

Places where you can NOT build:
Blocking resources
In a volcano or blocking path

On PVP servers, you can kill and attack, raid to your will. Keep in mind that any behavior in the form of bullying, trolling, any form of griefing will be punished with ban 24h. If the situation is repeated, strict penalties will be applied, including even ban perm.

At the obelisk, you can only hold Dino on boss trips

Using a vulgar language in the chat or posting vulgar messages on maps is forbidden.

Server configuration can change.
The rules are subject to change
All problems related to breaking rules and decisions are resolved by the administrator

You can transfer dino and items between PVP servers and between PVE servers in the same way. You can move dino and items from the PVP server to PVE but you can not transfer items and dino from PVE to PVP, hovewer you can pass the character without items.